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8.24 TPMS: Sensor

Centurion Super Pro

This feature is used to store TPMS Sensor IDs in the BCM.
NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.
NOTE: Before installing a new sensor, locate the sensors eight digit alpha-numeric ID (preceded by "ID:"). OR the code is displayed like this:

These sensors are generally located in the tire pressure valve, which acts as an antenna, or are wrapped around the rim of the wheel with a band clamp.

If you are performing this procedure with a NON OEM ECU/ECM then you will need to select 6-Pin Cable (CAN) option.

  1. Select the Active Settings Icon ( )
  2. In the first dropdown menu select 'TSM-TSSM-HFSM-BCM'
  3. In the second dropdown menu select 'TPMS: Sensors'
  4. Click the 'Get Stored Rear ID' button
  5. Next input the new ID in the text box
  6. Lastly, click the 'Store New Rear ID' button, and this will program the new ID to the motorcycle's BCM