Table of Contents

2.1 Centurion - Connecting to The Motorcycle and Key Features

The Centurion can connect to MANY brands and models depending on the customers' needs and purchases. Selecting a brand and ECU will filter all the options of the software so that only the relevant parameters, tests and activations are displayed. This reduces confusion on features availability and increases ease of use.

In order to display the data for monitoring, select any of the following views:

  • dashboard mode
  • strip chart mode
  • meters mode

To establish communication*, select the 'Brand/ECU/Model' command, either by clicking on the icon or by using the Options drop down menu. Once a connection is established with the ECU, the user may freely switch between the three data views.

*IMPORTANT: When using Centurion Super Pro, first select the motorcycle or ECU model to correctly configure the software to display the proper information. This is done by clicking on the 'Motorcycle' icon, and then selecting the brand, ECU and model.

After the Brand/ECU/Model is selected, click the 'Connect' icon.

Note: If communication with the ECU is lost or fails to initialize, the data will not be displayed and an error message dialog box will come up with troubleshooting suggestions.