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8.9 Blank Ecu Programming (Clone)

Centurion Super Pro

NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.

This feature clones the Old ECU (2005-2019) to the new Blank ECU. In order to complete this process, we must be able to communicate with the old ECU. The procedure will preserve the tuning file in the old ECU. If you do not have the old ECU then you will need to follow the instructions HERE to program the new ECU.

If you would like a complete in-depth walkthrough of this procedure click HERE.

  1. Select the Active Settings Icon ( )
  2. In the first dropdown menu select 'ECU/ECM'
  3. In the second dropdown menu select 'Blank ECU (Clone): Programming'
  4. Start by keeping the OLD Engine Control Module (ECM) plugged in.
  5. Ensure that the IGN is ON, the RUN button is set to RUN , and the VCM is connected.
  6. Ensure that the battery is at 12v or more and will remain so for the duration of the test.
  7. Read and accept the disclaimer.
  8. OLD ECM needs to remain in the motorcycle. Click 'Read Old ECU'.
  9. You will receive a pop-up window to save the old ECU mapping.
    NOTE: This will automatically create a folder with the VIN as a place to save the file.
  10. The software will then connect with the bike and begin transfer and save of the mapping in the ECU.
  11. When it completes you will receive a pop-up window notifying you that the backup was successful and a 'PASS' message in the text box on the right-hand side.
  12. You will then install the 'NEW ECU' to the bike.

    NOTE: When installing the new ECM, ensure that the bike is turned off so that there is no power getting to the ECM.
  13. Now you will click 'Program New ECU'
  14. You will receive another pop-up window asking for you to select the mapping file that was saved from the 'previous ECU'.
  15. After selecting the file that was saved, the programming of the 'new ECU' will begin.
  16. When the bike finishes programming you will receive another 'PASS' message on the right-hand side
  17. After successfully cloning the map to the 'new ECU', you will need to click 'Set Speedo'.
  18. After clicking this button, you will receive another 'PASS' message on the right-hand side.
  19. Lastly you will need to click 'Begin Module Replacement', this will begin the final procedure needed for this job.
  20. You will then be prompted to start the motorcycle and allow it to stall out, five seconds after the bike stalls out press 'OK'.
  21. You’re going to receive a final 'PASS' message, after receiving the pass message, you have completed the ECU Cloning procedure.


  • ACR = Automatic Compression Release
  • EITMS = Engine Idle Temperature Management System
  • Cruise = Cruise Control