Table of Contents

3.1 Centurion Toolbar Buttons/Commands

Open Data Analysis

Opens a dialog box, displaying the data log files that have been created. Please note: to make this feature available, first set the 'Recording' feature to 'On'. If it is set to 'Off', a log will not be created. The software will create a log file name based on date (and sequence, if applicable).


Prints a copy of the current screen. Warning: the Centurion uses a color scheme absent of white space that may not be suitable for most printing options.


The Gauges/Meters button enables viewing of data through barslides, graphs, thermometers and check lights. It offers 6 configurable channels. The parameters at the top of this screen are not configurable.

Strip Chart

The Strip Chart Monitor button is used to view data in line plot and numerical form. It offers 16 configurable channels.

Horizontal Slide Bars

The Horizontal Slide Bars button is used to view data with horizontal slide bars. It offers 4 configurable channels.