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Centurion Audio Pro (Multibike)

Centurion Audio Pro Licensing is done by model year coverage. This means it does not expire.

A 2019 license will only need an update when connecting to a 2020 or newer motorcycle. Some software features are always Pay-Per-Bike (ie Radio Refurbishing). Please call us if you feel your license is in order, but the software says otherwise. We can verify everything with you. 248 658 1800

To update your license for Centurion Audio Pro, please follow these steps:

Step 1 of 4:
Confirm current licensing:
  1. Open the Centurion software with the Hardware connected (via USB).
  2. Click "License!" at the top of the software.
  3. Press the "Update License" button.
  4. If all is well, a code will appear. The first 4 digits is current year of coverage. The following characters is your tools unique license identifier.
  5. Example: 2019-A85A1635-F72D is a tool that is licensed throught 2019 models.
  6. After confirming you are in need of a license, continue to the next step. If it is unclear, please call us at 248 658 1800.

Step 2 of 4:
Create or Log into an account:

You can create an account on our webstore HERE


You can log in to an existing account HERE.

Step 3 of 4:
Click on the ‘License’ tab and select either:

Audio License Update +1 model year for $179 total HERE.


Audio License Update +2 model years for $279 total HERE.

NOTE: The highest possible model year currently available is 2023. You can NOT pre-purchase years. Doing so will usually result in restocking fees. Please call us if you are unsure about the purchase. 248 658 1800

Step 4 of 4:
We will process the request and update the tool during business hours (9-5 EST M-F):
  1. If we have trouble locating your tool in the system, we may call to verify your tools unique license identifier.
  2. We do try to update after hours, but its not something we reasonably promise.
  3. You can check if the tool is updated by repeating step 1 of 4 above. (We also try to send an email confirmation if we have not spoken to you already)
  4. Feel free to call if you have any concerns. 248 658 1800