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3.7.1 Active Settings Definitions

Harley Davidson® Delphi


Read and clear current and historic diagnostic trouble codes.

Quickly read trouble codes from multiple modules on the motorcycle, view the results, and clear the codes, all in one easy to use interface.
Speedometer Calibration:

Validate speedometer output against the true traveling speed of the motorcycle.

Many motorcycles have a mismatch between actual speed and what is displayed. Use this feature to easily resolve this issue.
Key Fob:

Program or reprogram a new or damaged keyfob, enable/disable alarm.

Key FoBs made easy. Read the existing ECU information, open the new Key FoB, input the number shown inside in the appropriate Centurion fields, and click program.
Idle Adjustment:

Calibrate idle RPM.

ECU Programming:

Marry a blank ECU to the TSSM, HFSM or BCM, and program a VIN.

Buy a brand new ECU and take it from blank to fully functional without leaving the shop.
ABS Bleeding:

Service/bleed front and rear brakes.

Manual ABS bleeds are still needed, but the electronic bleeds might also be required to finish a job. A tool like Centurion is a requirement for this final procedure.
Module Replacement:

BCM, TSM, TSSM, HFSM module replace/marry to the ECU.

Connect/marry new modules to the old modules. Pre-CAN models it was a 30m manual procedure, now those take 14m. CAN models REQUIRE it be done with a tool, such as CENTURION.

EITMS, ACR, exhaust, IAC, side standand cruise control.

Radio & Speakers:

Program radio zone and speaker selection.

Finish any Harley radio and speaker job on site.