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3.6 Active Test

Sends commands to the ECU making it attempt to activate parts of the motorcycle. This aids in quickly identifying WHERE the failure is or WHAT is failing.
Example: Turn signal switch does not activate the turn signals. Command the ECU to turn on the LEFT turn signal via the appropriate CENTURION ACTIVE TEST. If the ECU can turn on the turn signal lights, the problem exists between the switch and the ECU, not the ECU and the light.
This window provides the selection of Active Tests.

An Active Test is an ECU command that temporary causes an effect on the vehicle, such as turning on a fan for a few seconds or activating a turn signal. The commands differ from Active Settings in that the changes do not persist beyond the testing phase. The Centurion's Active Tests are filtered by ECU and limited to what the ECU being tested actually supports. Some ECUs differ within the brand and cannot be filtered, the Centurion will indicate if an attempted test is not supported by the ECU variation present.