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Replacing a Turn Signal Security Module (TSSM)

When receiving a Motorcycle that has a known bad Turn Signal Security Module (TSSM), you will need to replace the module and program/marry a new one to the motorcycle. This is a common job that is conducted in many shops and with the help of Centurion, the job has been made easier.

NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.

  1. Start by installing the new Turn Signal Security Module (TSSM).
    NOTE: When installing a new TSSM, ensure that the bike is turned off so that there is no power getting to the TSSM.
  2. Ensure that the IGN is on, the RUN button is set to ‘Run’, and the VCM is connected.
  3. Ensure that the battery is at 12v or more and will remain so, for the duration of the module replacement (i.e. Battery Charger).
  4. In Centurion, click the Active Settings button().
  5. From there, navigate to KeyFob & PIN.
  6. Click 'Get Stored Fob & Pin' ()
  7. If you do not receive zero’s in all the boxes, like shown below then your TSSM is NOT new.
  8. If you DO receive all zero’s then the next step is to program the 5-digit PIN.
  9. Input a 5-digit PIN, and then click 'Program New PIN'.
  10. After the PIN is programmed and you’ve received the status of PASS, navigate to the Module Replacement section.
  11. Click the button() to connect and begin the Module Replacement procedure.
  12. You will be prompted with a window to start the bike and let it stall out, wait 5 seconds after it stalls then press ‘Ok’.
  13. In the text box at the bottom you will prompted to wait 11 minutes. This will countdown to zero, during this time be sure to leave the IGN and RUN button ON.
  14. After hitting zero it will prompt you to turn the IGN off, wait 13 seconds, then turn the IGN on and you should receive a PASS message in the lower text box.

  15. Next, navigate back to the KeyFob & Pin.
  16. Click 'Get Stored Fob & Pin' ()
  17. You may now input the 24-digit codes for the Hands Free KeyFobs to assign them to the bike.
  18. You are now done with the replacement procedure of a TSSM.