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8.7 Idle Adjustment

Centurion Super Pro

This feature is used to adjust a healthy idle. If you have an erratic or problematic idle, first fix the underlying mechanical or IAC calibration (tuning) issue.
NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.
NOTE: When fuel injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycles have a rough or high idle, or a hard start condition, often this is a result of a faulty Idle Air Control (IAC) or MAP sensor. These faults will often produce a trouble code, however, sometimes it is only to be identified by hard starting, rough idle, or idling high after warmed up.
This feature is only compatible with model years 2005 & 2017. For 2018 & newer models this can be set by using DirectLink tuning software.
  1. Select the Active Settings Icon ( )
  2. In the first dropdown menu select 'ECU/ECM'
  3. In the second dropdown menu select 'Idle Adjustment'
  4. Ensure battery is charged before starting procedure.
  5. Turn motorcycle key ON & set the run switch to RUN.
  6. Press 'Calibrate' button and follow prompts.
  7. Adjust using + & - .
  8. Press 'Save' button when done.