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8.10 ABS Service (Bleeding)

Centurion Super Pro

Manual ABS bleeds are still needed, but the electronic bleeds might also be required to finish a job. A tool like Centurion is a requirement for this final procedure.
NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.
NOTE: If you are installing a new ABS system because the previous system went bad, you will need to have a Harley Davidson dealer perform their replacement procedure on the system.
NOTE: We do not calibrate new ABS systems nor can we turn off an ABS light.
  1. Select the Active Settings Icon ( )
  2. In the first dropdown menu select 'ABS'
  3. In the second dropdown menu select 'ABS Bleeding'
  4. Read the disclaimer and click 'Accept' for the Start button to become active.
  5. Select which brake system to run the procedure on: Front or Rear
  6. Follow instructions on screen, pressing NEXT when prompted or when a step completes.