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Receiving FAIL message when performing Blank ECU Programming

Is the "Old ECU" still able to connect to the software and can you read it?

If yes, try performing a Blank ECU Programming [Clone]. Follow the instructions here. If communication to ECU is unstable, please try to get the System Information, take note of the Software # (Application).

Now, a few questions regarding the motorcycle: Are there any aftermarket gauges or modules installed? If yes, this can cause issues when performing a Blank ECU Programming.

Are you using our supplied cables? USB cable cannot be longer than 6ft (2m)?

Please try the following steps:

  1. Turn IGN OFF
  2. Unplug ECU from wiring harness
  3. If AFTERMARKET gauges are installed, unplug them
  4. Plug the ECU back in
  5. Restart the software
  6. Turn IGN ON
  7. Connect to motorcycle using the CHART screen (ecu programming strip chart harley centurion), notice if the lines stop and start or flow normally.
  8. Go to Active Settings (ecu programming harley centurion)
  9. Start the procedure again and follow the instructions here.

Please make sure you have a fully charged battery or are using a battery charger.

If it continues to fail, please contact us. We will need to remote in so have the ID/PW for the Remote Support application, Team Viewer ready to save time.