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Alaris (Audio Pay-Per-Bike)

Alaris Licensing Overview:

  1. The Alaris product comes with licensing for ONE radio/vin.
  2. You may purchase additional radio/vin licenses
  3. Each license persists, so that you can reconnect to previously licensed radio/vins.

Step 1 of 3:
Create or Log into an account:

You can create an account on our webstore HERE


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Step 2 of 3:

Click on the ‘Riders’ tab and add the following item to your cart:

Alaris HD Pay-Per-Bike License for $79 total HERE.

Step 3 of 3:
Add license code to Centurion:
  1. Click the "License!" menu option in Centurion
  2. Click the Bike License button
  3. Click the "Add License" button on the new window
  4. Paste (Ctrl+V) the code copied from your email.
  5. Press "OK" and "Apply/Close".
  6. The software will use this license on the next radio/vin that requires it.
  7. You can review the additional licenses used (or available) by returning to the "Add License" screen.

If you are having trouble with the post payment process, please call or email for assistance.

Tel. No.: 248-658-1800