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8.3 Hands Free Keyfob Programming

Centurion Super Pro

KeyFobs made easy. Open the new Fob, type the number, program and done.
NOTE: If the ECU is locked by another product, you will NOT be able to perform any active settings changes as we will not be able to communicate with the ECU.
If you are performing one of the following replacements click the hyperlink below:
BCM Replacement
TSSM Replacement
  1. Select the Active Settings Icon ()
  2. Select KeyFob from Active Settings drop down list.
  3. Turn the Key to ignition and the Run switch to 'run'.
  4. Click on the 'Get Stored Fob Values' button to test the system.
  5. Open the KeyFob to see that the codes are displayed and correct.
  6. Write the new KeyFob's code where the damaged/lost KeyFob code was.
  7. Click 'Program Fob #1 / #2' next to the Key or Keys changed.

Reading KeyFob Serial Number

New KeyFob Closed Reference (Read left to right like a book).

KeyFob Open Reference (Read left to right like a book).

Type of KeyFobs

NOTE: There is one major difference between the new style and old style keyfobs, this being that the old ones you can physically see the green circuit board when you open it. The new ones you can not see a circuit board inside.
New Style KeyFobs
Old Style KeyFobs
NOTE: Smart Security Antenna's are usually located underneath the seat of the motorcycle.

Below are Hands Free FOBs that can be programmed to the security module with our software.

TSSM Security '07-'13 XL XR Touring and '09-'13 Trike

BCM Smart Security System 2011 and later Softail

Integrated Security & Locking Flip FOB
(Works with '17-newer Touring & Trike Models)

Below are FOBs that require Harley Davidson activation and can not be programmed with our software.

Smart Security System for 2017-newer XG Models
(TR does not configure keyfobs for XG models)