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11.5.2 I Can’t Find the Backup I Made

Issue: Can't Find the Backup I Made.

If the motorcycle is connected, click Get ECU Details, then select the restore function under 'File'. Direct Link should be able to locate the most recent Backup (.ori) file for you. If this doesn't work, review below for some possible solutions.

Backups are stored as a different file type than the standard modified tuning file. This can't be opened or viewed through the 'Open Calibration File' function. It must be located by selecting 'Restore' and navigating to the folder where the backup was saved. If locating the file is giving you trouble, you can try a windows file search of the motorcycles VIN. If you've changed the default name when saving, open a file explorer window, navigate to the Direct Link folder in the TechnoResearch folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\TechnoResearch) and look for the .ori file you created.