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3.5 Direct Link – Programming

NOTE: If you are tuning a bike that has already been tuned by another shop with a digital license, in order to retrieve that license you need to have atleast one available license on your master key. This is required because the one available license on your master key will allow the system to retrieve the license already used on from servers.

The program button initiates the ECU programming procedure. This will send the user defined calibration tables to the ECU. All tables should be reviewed and modified prior to this procedure. Any changes to the calibration file and tables after the programming will have to be programmed, again, to the ECU.

Direct Link ECU Tuning Off

If the motorcycles Key is not on IGNITION and the run switch set to RUN when the 'Program' button is activated, the software will prompt the user to achieve this state.

Once the proper motorcycle state and connection is achieved, ECU programing will occur. This will lock the current Direct Link software license to the motorcycle being programmed (USB Key or Maximus unit).

PLEASE NOTE: The ECU has a voltage threshold and if under this threshold, the ECU will not program. If the motorcycle is a 2001-2003 HD, a programming failure may require the user to unplug the Engine Control Unit (ECU) from its harness on the motorcycle for 2-5 seconds. Then check for proper battery voltage levels and attempt to program again.