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3.1 Direct Link – Creating a Backup

Precautions: During the backup and programming, the ECU must be powered correctly. As an optional step to improve the battery performance/longevity, the LIGHT fuse can be removed and/or a charger can be connected to the battery.

To start you will need to click the 'Get ECU Details' button, the software will then prompt to create a backup of the current map in the bike. (Harley only. For Victory applications, there is no extra step needed to store the stock file, and for Magneti Marelli's you can not back up the current map.)

Direct Link Software Backup

With the ignition switch on and the engine stop switch in the RUN position, click 'Get ECU Details' or select 'Backup Map' under the 'File' dropdown.. This will create a copy of the original ECU programming so that the motorcycle ECU can be restored to the memory condition it started in. Always save the original calibration before programming the new calibration. Select a location and name for the Backup Map and click on 'Save'. Direct Link will now read and save the original bike map.

Note: Do not disconnect the Direct Link USB Software Key. This could damage the key and they are nonrefundable in a locked state.