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11.9.2 Deceleration Popping Potential Fixes


Add or Remove Fuel at Decel: Adjust the fuel injected at closed throttle by going to the 0%-5% TPS or 10-25 kpa columns in the range of 1750 - 5500 rpm’s and change the numbers on the fuel map by 15%. Program/test your changes and repeat the adjustment if the results are favorable but not enough so. Typically increasing the values gets removes most of the popping, but, on rare occasions, reducing the numbers will give you better results.
Please note that Cable Throttle bodys will decel/idle at 0% throttle plate position and DBW Throttle bodies will decel/idle at 3-6% throttle plate position.

Cable TPS Calibrations:

DBW TPS Calibrations:

MAP Based Calibrations: