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4.6 IAC Table

Found under 'Edit-Table' drop down menu.
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The IAC Table adjusts the Idle Air Control Step position of the motorcycle at 0%.

Increasing a value on this table will increase the engine airflow.

Decreasing a value on this table will decrease the engine airflow.

The table is in Steps vs Temperature. This table may need to be adjusted while tuning to make sure bike is idling up on startup, and when at operating temperature, the idle is stable. Check live data and verify that the actual stepper counts are not lower than the programmed stepper counts. The actual Steps should be the same or slightly lower than the programmed values. Double click on a STEPS cell and use the up and down arrow to adjust.

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Newer model mappings will have 3 columns.

These three columns will control the duration and magnitude of the Idle Air cycle.
Column C will control the amount of air that is let in immediately upon starting the bike.
(This is the Starting Point value on the single column IAC tables)
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Example of usage: If a bike starts at 2200 RPM at ~ 150 degrees, but you would like it to start at 1600. Lower the value in Column C. It is a good rule of thumb to look at your desired RPM change and lower the IAC it by a similar ratio. (ie (1600RPM/2200RPM) * IAC current = IAC new.)

TIP: If, after lowering the Starting IAC values 25% or more, you see no change in the starting RPM, look for sources of uncontrolled air getting to the engine. Uncontrolled air = uncontrolled RPM.

Column B is the time it takes the throttle plate or pindle to close after Column C cranking position. Higher values = slower close.
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Column A is where the ECU will initially stop the closing of the IAC system (throttle plate or pindle). After this stopping point, the ECU will go into maintainance mode and try to fix or maintain the RPM to your set desired IDLE. If a value on Column A is too high or too low, you will experience a hunting idle for the first 15s-60s.
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TIP: Uncontrolled air can exaggerate this issue. The ECU may be able to compensate for the extra air eventually, but the swings in RPM (hunting) will likely be more dramatic.