Table of Contents

Tuning Victory® Motorcycle

If you are used to using Direct Link to tune Harley-Davidson® you will notice that there are some steps that are NOT performed when tuning a Victory® motorcycle.

  • You do not back up the original map.
  • You must select a map according to ECU Part Number and software ver.; choices may show up to 3 different maps, but not all are for your installed ECU.
  • Select the correct map with the same ECU and Software version.
  • Follow prompts on screen.
  • If vehicle battery dies in the middle of programming, follow these steps:
    1. Turn IGN off
    2. Let battery charge for at least 30 minutes
    3. Unplug VCM device from the computer and motorcycle
    4. Plug VCM device back into the computer and motorcycle
    5. Turn IGN on
    6. Reselect the map to program, click Program, the software should run normally
    7. Follow prompts on screen
  • VE table values are not given in the same format, but numbers mean the same. Higher number more fuel, lower number less fuel.
  • If the motorcycle has a timing wheel installed, you have two options:
    1. Check timing tables and adjust if you feel it necessary
    2. Remove the timing wheel
  • Auto-tuning with OEM (factory) O2 sensors is not possible.
  • Prepare VCM for Autotune, either Dyno or Mobile Dyno. Follow steps on screen.
  • Download recorded data, revise the data, modify if you feel necessary.
  • Reprogram ECU with the new map.
  • Repeat steps. Usually 2 or 3 runs will do.

    • If you are not confident of the above steps, go to a professional tuner.
    • If you have issues with how the engine is running, either too rich or too lean. We recommend taking your motorcycle to a technician for him to perform an inspection and, if relevant, tune it.