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4.9 Closed Loop

Found under 'Edit-Table' drop down menu.

This table can be left alone for tuning, as the AFR Table has been set so the motorcycle will always be in open loop and not be using the factory Oxygen sensors. Only when the AFR table is at 14.6 will this table be active and used.

There are (2) types of closed loop systems now.

  • The older motorcycles use closed loop biasing and the new motorcycles do not.
  • The new motorcycles can be set from 14.3 - 14.6 for closed loop.
The old motorcycles with the bias table have the AFR value or millivolt setting centered at 450volts.

Setting this table to 680 will yield approximately 14.5-14.6 AFR Value. The mv value can't be set much higher, as the O2 sensor will not switch properly and will drive the fuel rich. The sensor needs to switch around a center point.

This table is used to shift the AFR richer or leaner during closed-loop operation. This table is a function of engine speed and map load. The cell values are the switching voltage that the ECM controls to. A lower voltage will control leaner and a higher number controls richer. This table is used by the ECM in addition to the AFR table to determine what AFR to control to.

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