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1.4 Connect USB Cable

These USB cables are standard and common. No unique cables are needed to connect the VCM to the computer. The VCM-TR4 also has Bluetooth 2.1 as an option over the USB cable.

Connect the mini USB or USB cable to the Vehicle Communication Module (VCM).
The modules are shown below, with the mini USB port on the side of the VCM. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the PC's second USB port.

  • The supplied Direct Link USB Software Key with this software is for use on a single vehicle only. When the Direct Link USB Software Key is used to program a vehicle, it will be permanently attached to that vehicle, and cannot be used on any other for programming.
  • Use any Direct Link USB Software Key, empty or used, to start and browse this software. Only when 'programming' will the software check that the Direct Link USB Software Key is empty and lock it to THAT ECU.
  • If the Direct Link USB Software Key has been used before, the software will check that the key will match the ECU. If not, the software will not progress.
  • NEVER plug in multiple USB Software Keys. For example: do not plug in a Direct Link USB Software Key and a Centurion USB Software Key at the same time!