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11.8.1 Flashing 2001 to 2004 Issues

Restoring/Recovering ECM

When programming ECM, if you receive the following message, you will need to follow the steps below.
Direct Link Flash Failed
Steps to follow:
  1. Turn IGN off, RUN button off.
  2. Unplug ECM, wait 5 secs and plug ECM back in.
  3. Unplug headlight fuse. (Some cases require you to unplug all fuses except Battery, ECM fuse, and IGN fuse.
  4. Unplug TRo2 system if its still plugged in, this device may be pulling too much power away from the battery.
  5. Attach a battery charger to the bikes battery. (Battery Tender's do not work as well).
  6. Turn IGN on, RUN button on.
  7. Press 'Get ECM Details'
If issue persists, continue following instructions below.
  1. The FIRST problem is that there is often not 12v left after powering all the electronics connected to the battery.
    Meaning that you may be reading 12v at the battery but at the data link connector on the motorcycle we aren't receiving 12v.
  2. The SECOND problem is that when the ECM does not get 12v during a programming attempt, it locks up. It will not talk or function in any way.
    • If the programming fails BEFORE the erasing point which is the when the blue programming bar shows up in the software then this means that issue has to do with the jumper, meaning it didnt get enough voltage.

    • If the programming fails AFTER the erasing point which is the when the blue programming bar begins to move, then than means the jumper did its job and something else is causing the issue.

NOTE: One symptom of this "locked" state is that the fuel pump will not cycle when you flip key to IGN.

The fix for the locked state is easy. With the IGN off, just UNPLUG and REPLUG the DELPHI EFI ECM from the harness of the motorcycle. This will need to be done everytime the programming fails no matter what. This allows it to talk again. (fuel pump will cycle!)

Then, before programming again, get the voltage up. Remember, its the voltage at the data link connector that matters, not the battery.

A. ECM Erased if:

  1. You received no calibration ID after clicking 'Get ECM Details'
  2. From here unplug ECM
  3. Disconnect headlight fuse
  4. Disconnect WIDEBAND TRo2 (its drawing power)
  5. Remove any other power drawing gadgets. (TR4 must stay, but it draws basically nothing without the TRo2)
  6. Then plug ECM back in and attempt to re-program.

B. ECM will not reflash:

  1. Only 3 wires going into the back of the 4PIN data link connector. If so, you need to run 12v from the flash pin (PIN 1) to PIN 1 on the ECM itsself.
  2. PIN 1 is not getting enough voltage. Make sure there is 12v running from flash pin (PIN 1) on data link connector to PIN 1 on the ECM. Use the wiring diagram above to resolve. (NOTE: Wire colors may vary, PIN numbers will remain the SAME).