Table of Contents

5.1 Save Original Calibration

After backing up the original calibration (see 3.1) and sending a starting calibration to the ECU, start the tuning process on the future calibration.

Note: Open the 'Edit-Table' menu and click on 'Engine Setting'. The displacement and injector size can be set if modifications were done that adjusts these values. This is very handy because if the injectors are changed later, the software can quickly input the new size and it will compensate for larger injectors or a big bore kit.

Direct Link Engine Settings

5.2 Program

Go to 'Communication' menu and select 'Program' or just click 'Program' button to upload new calibration into the ECU.

Direct Link Original Calibration
Note: Do not disconnect the Direct Link key. This could damage the key.

This will load a map into the system. The processing status is indicated on the progress status bar.