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Tuning/Adding with Digital License

The Direct Link Digital License requires a special software key and the VCM-TR4. The user can then purchase codes. Each code will lock to the first motorcycle ECU it is used on and will permit continued programming of that motorcycle ECU.

NOTE - If you are tuning a bike that has already been tuned by another shop with a digital license, in order to retrieve that license you need to have atleast one available license on your master key. This is required because the one available license on your master key will allow the system to retrieve the license already used on from servers.
  1. After payment, your vender will send you the unique license code(s). Copy the entire code (including dashes).
  2. In the Direct Link software, click on the square key button () located on the top bar of the software or inside the box labeled with a #1.
  3. Click "Add License" in the Direct Link license manager.
  4. Paste (Ctrl+V) code into the input box and confirm.
  5. Repeat until all codes are added.
DirectLink Adding Digital License