4.9 Closed Loop

This table is used to shift the AFR richer or leaner during closed-loop operation. This table is a function of engine speed and map load. The cell values are the switching voltage that the ECM controls to. A lower voltage will control leaner and a higher number controls richer. This table is used by the ECM in addition to the AFR table to determine what AFR to control to.

4.7 Acceleration Table

Found under ‘Edit-Table’ drop down menu.

The Accel Table adjusts acceleration enrichment. . The table is “Enrichment Multiplier” vs Temperature.

Increasing a cell value will increase the fuel enrichment to the engine.
Decreasing a cell value will decrease the fuel enrichment to the engine. The
Accel Table needs to be adjusted during tuning so the motorcycle will have crisp response when blipping the throttle. A colder engine condition requires a larger Enrichment Multiplier. Double click on a cell and use the up and down arrow to adjust.