1.9 Troubleshooting Com Port Issues

Under ‘Communication’, select ‘Port Setting’. The default setting is USB and should be kept on USB unless issues arise.
Important: If the VCM-TR1 is not powered by the motorcycle (VCM-TR3/VCM-TR4 and Maximus will be powered by the USB connection), then the correct COM Port will not appear (indicated by an illuminated LED). To rectify, press ‘Cancel’ and power the VCM-TR1 by turning on the ignition switch and making sure the engine stop/run switch is in the RUN position. Once the LED light is on, the Direct Link hardware is on, select ‘Communication’ and ‘Port Setting’ again to select the correct COM Port. The VCM-TR3/VCM-TR4 will receive power from either the computer or the motorcycle, so long as either is connected via cables.

1.6 Power Up To Automatically Install Drivers

The VCM-TR1 is powered by the battery of the motorcycle, just make sure the ignition is ON and the RUN switch is ON.

The VCM-TR3/VCM-TR4 can be powered by the battery of the motorcycle or from the computers USB port. The green light on the VCM should be lit is power is being received. Once the VCM is powered and the USB cable attached to computer, the software will start a search for the cable drivers. In XP and older versions of Windows, the user may be required to follow the steps indicated in 1.9. In more recent versions of Windows, on a PC that is